65 Lessons from Life

I have learned from my life that:

1.    Everyone and everything will disappoint you, except Allah. Therefore, only expect from Allah.

2.    Time is the first coin that you pay for whatever you do in this world.

3.    Three things that are hard to attain: patience (sabr), consistency in actions, and being truly sincere with Allah.

4.    Do not tell your problems to anyone except Allah. If you tell them to others, mostly you will get any of these three responses (a) People will think that they have greater problems than that of you and thus what you are going through is easy and not worth listening to (b) They will not care (c) They will give you empty sympathies, which will make you regret for confiding in them.

5.    No one deserves your tears except Allah, because: (1) only Allah loves to hear your complaints whereas people gets annoyed; (2) only Allah has the means to fulfill your needs.

6.    Peace is only found through worshipping Allah. Among all the places, mosque is the most peaceful.

7.    There is no greater peace buster than disobeying Allah. You may gain some pleasure through sinning, but inner happiness and peace are the price that you pay to gain that pleasure.

8.    Soon after you utter a word, you become a prisoner of that word.

9.    People can be very insensitive, and you will get hurt. You thus need to grow a thick skin to put those hurt feelings under the carpet and move forward.

10. Regret is a feeling that is hard to accept. Therefore, think of the repercussions before you do anything.

11. The less people know you, the better and more peaceful your life will be.

12. Unless you are totally sure, always give the benefit of doubt.

13. Know your limitations, and stay within them until you work them out. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.

14. Panic never helps, never.

15. Sleep is the best form of escapism.

16. There is no greater trial for men except the trial of lust.

17. Most of us can forgive, but cannot release our grudges.

18. If you get a new job, be prepared that you will have to learn 95% of the job by yourself, and there will be no helpers.

19. Life swings like pendulum. Ease follows hardship. Hardship follows ease. To overcome the time of hardship, it is therefore imperative that we remember Allah as much as we can during the time of ease. The Messenger of Allah said, “Remember Allah during the time of ease and Allah will remember you during the time of hardship.”

20. There is no such thing as dream spouse, dream boss, dream children, or dream parents. Each person is different and unique, and you will never find a person who exactly thinks like you or who is exactly what you wanted.

21. If you want to have the last laugh, never be rude with people, even if they are being rude with you.

22. Had Allah not made the time a healer, homosapiens would have perished.

23. “I will start tomorrow (or later)”-is a cursed statement. Start now. If you don’t, there is a high probability that your dreams will remain unrealized.

24. Decision making can be very difficult at times. And to attain success, sometimes you not only need to make the right decision, but you also need to make it quickly.

25. If you give up your right over something, then completely give it up. If can’t give up completely, there was no need concede your rights in the first place.

26. Do not give the Shaytan (devil) an inch. If you do, he will surely take a mile.

27. Resentment can be emotionally destructive, unhealthy, and counter-productive.

28. Never ever judge or have any assumption about a person before you talk with him or her.

29. Getting inspiration is easy. The hard part is to keep the inspiration enlivened until you achieve what you aspire to achieve and cross the finish line.

30. Laughing and crying- both can be contagious.

31. I am an invincible champion when it comes to making plans/routines, but I am the greatest loser when it comes to realize my plans and live up to it.

32. Going to hospital is one of the most troublesome acts of this world.

33. Until you meet the angel of death, it is never too late.

34. Sometimes ignorance is indeed a bliss.

35. Internet can be an extremely dangerous form of escapism.

36. Things that seem easy are often tricky.

37. The most difficult part of writing is to start something on a BLANK piece of paper.

38. The first principle of doing research- “YOU. There’s no-one else to do the project for you. Very likely, there’s no-one who will give you any help. You’re the one who cares, the drive has got to come from within you. You’re the one who knows how to answer the question, no-one else knows as much.” I learned this lesson while doing my senior year design project.

39. You are never done until you have crossed the finish line.

40. Waiting is painful.

41. Shortcut often brings trouble.

42. Sometimes we waste hours even when we feel that wasting a second is suicidal. This is the result of procrastination.

43. A subtle thing in this world is the boundary between two opposite things. It doesn’t matter whatever it divides, life-death, laugh-cry, failure-success, most of the times I find the boundary to be very subtle.

44. Sometimes you can have the taste of eternity during a 75 minute lecture when your brain actually stops working and you can’t follow anything of what the professor says.

45. There is a day and night difference between spending time and spending ‘quality’ time.

46. In an ideal world, you do not have the pressure to conform. But we do not live in an ideal world, unfortunately.

47. If we want to be the person who we really are in front everyone, then we should try to please none but Allah in all circumstances, both openly and secretly.

48. Never ask anything from people. Only ask from Allah. If you take help from someone, and years later a rift grows between you and your helper, you will reminded of the favor that you accepted, and it will sting you. If you take help from people anyway, better reciprocate them with something much better.

49. Many people can earn, but very few can spend generously, especially when it comes to giving a goodly loan to Allah.

50. GPA is not the measure of someone’s creativity and intelligence.

51. Some people actually born with extra-ordinary talent, which cannot be achieved through hard work.

52. Success depends of your level of interest.

53. The consolation that should be sufficient for us in any difficult situation is the promise from our Lord that He will enter us in His Gardens as long as we remain patient and submit to Him.

54. It is not possible for a human being to be 100% neutral. We sometimes like someone or something for no reason. Sometimes we also do not like something or somebody for no reason at all. So, admit that you are biased.

55. We talk about Allah and Islam, but most of the time we love this duniya more that we can imagine. Love for thisduniya is often the cause of jealously, frustration, selfishness, stinginess, anger, and many other negative feelings.

56. When we are afflicted with trial, we feel that we are only people who are being tested, while in fact, many people are or were tested with much more severe trial.

57. Sometimes winning is all about how much you can endure!

58. Destruction is easy, building is difficult.

59. Fight is the solution, flight is not.

60. When it comes to birth, there is a sequence: First grandfather, then father, then son, then grandson. But when it comes to death, such sequence may not be maintained. Yet we are not mindful of death, and hope to live until the old age.

61. You shall never know if you have won or lost until after you have crossed the finish line. And the finish line, unfortunately, is death.

62. Only God’s opinion matters.

63. If you want to bring change, change yourself first.

64. Trust your gut feeling.

65. ‘সারল্য’ (candidness) – people can’t achieve it just if they want it. I might be a good person, I might not be ‘কুটিল’ (complex), but yet ‘সারল্য’ (candidness) is something that God Himself gives to some people only.


Be happy with what you have and make provision for the day of your return to Allaah…The journey is long, the appointment is on the day of the Resurrection, the destiny is Heaven or the fire of Hell.





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